Vichy Check and Snoopy t-shirt – does that match? Yes – let me show you – they match perfectly!

Vichy Check – Classy And Awesome

Vichy Check – an evergreen and a classy trend. This year you will see pants, shirts or blouses with this awesome pattern. Anyway, I love checks of any kind, big or small one. The combination of the color is important whether they look good on you or not.

Another trend this year is the color purple, which I also love wearing! Guess what – at the moment that is one of my favorite blouses.

Small Tip – Big Closet

Don’t give away beautiful clothes just because you are tired of them. If they look good and you and the piece is classy – think about keeping it. Just put it away for some time. You probably often hear – if you don’t wear a piece for a year, you won’t wear it again. That is not true!

Do you have a big closet with lot’s of clothes in it? Probably yes, I suppose. We can’t always wear everything, which is in there. So have a close look before you give something away, which is a classy piece and suits you. This will save lots of money, which you can spend on other things or clothes.

Snoopy Print Shirt

I am a big fan of Peanuts and Snoopy. Looking at them makes me happy.

As spring in Hamburg is not that nice and warm I prefer layering outfits and looks. Blouse and Snoopy t-shirts are a super combo, I believe.

You can either leave the blouse open or make a little knot in front, which gives the outfit more of a shape.

White Jeans And Black High-Heels

As you probably have already noticed I prefer to have to focus on one part of the outfit. That’s why I chose to wear white skinny jeans,  black high-heel, and a matching black belt.

Enjoy styling print shirts!

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XO Cordula


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