Hey girls! What can we do with a black turtle neck, a blue and white striped shirt, and a black jogger? So much!

Ok, one more winter outfit before spring. If you are living in the North of somewhere or in other areas, where spring has not yet arrived,  it is still too cold to wear spring clothes and no socks.

Actually today I am talking about two different outfits where I have only changed accessories and the coats.

The Basis Outfit

My today’s basic outfit: a long black turtle neck, a blue and white striped long shirt, and a black/blue jogger.

The striped blouse only shows up a tiny bit under the black turtle neck. I love to set some small focus points especially wearing a dark outfit.


Poncho - Streifenbluse


Vest and Studded Belt

To tune my first look I have added a studded dark blue belt. As I am medium tall, I prefer to wear a belt, when wearing lots of clothes on top of each other. It makes me look taller also giving the outfit a more feminine touch at the same time. As well, I added a modern checkered long vest to tune the look.

High-heel booties with laces are completing the outfit perfectly.


Poncho - Streifenbluse

Cape vs. Coat

An awesome completion of the looks is the cape I am wearing. I love capes of any kind. They are cool and stylish at the same time.

Poncho - Streifenbluse

Fake Leo Coat

For the second look, I stayed with the three basics of the first outfit. Wearing leo print of any kind I personally prefer the rest of the outfit to be clean not taking up so much attention.

I added flat winter boots with red laces to set a small highlight besides the coat.



Cross-Body Bag

I am sure you have noticed that. I changed the cross body bags for both outfits. Of course, the bag has to match too! 🙂

Flexibility in the Wardrobe

So how do you like those two different stylings?

I would like to encourage you on my blog to realize how flexible simple basics can be and how easy it is to create so many different outfits with similar pieces. That’s why I keep repeating some pieces hoping to inspire you!

And please don’t forget to smile!





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