Statement Shirts – not only a cool trend! It’s also the easiest way to say what you think. And I am sure you will find your favorite shirt! There is such an incredibly great choice out there

Make A Statement!

Just say what you think or believe -without talking! Guys will love that I suppose – us not talking……

It’s new? No, a statement shirt is definitely not something new. In 1948 they first statement shirts showed up in the campaigning for the US Presidency. In the 1970s the Hippies wore them and so on.

It is and has been a great way to say what you think. But the statement doesn’t have to political at all. Choose a funny one or one which reflects your mood.

Wonder Woman!

I have picked two white shirts showing three different styles today. In summer I love to wear white shirts. They go with almost everything and anything.

One of my favorite statement shirts has “Wonder Woman” written on it.  YAS! A women’s power shirt.

Today I am wearing light pink pants, which I combined with an orange belt and also a bag in my favorite color orange. Both pink and orange are exactly the same color as the statement.ippie

Big City Hippie!

Big City Hippy – what do you think when you read that – summer, sun, and California.

Oh, by the way – for all the native English speaking people: Big City Hippie – that is the way you write hippy in German. In English you have the choice to write it both ways, right? Well, whatever – no grammar class here 🙂

Hippy or Boho style is my favorite style in summer. My first look shows the more hippy way to style it with a Boho skirt with different length. Red again! I love this color this year.

City Hippie ready for the City

The second outfit I styled the shirt with a red blazer. That rock’s! I love wearing red and pink together. An uplift for my mood and no color to hide!

YAS! Red again! I love this color. Just have a look at this and that post and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Oh, by the way – this shirt is also available with another two writings- grey and orange. You can get this shirt in Hamburg @clouhamburg. She has awesome accessories, shirts, and many more things. Check out her Instagram account @clouhamburg. The store owner will, of course, send you what you like. Ask her!

Inspired? I hope so!

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