Shorts  Perfect for the city

Believe it or not, but also in Hamburg we have nice and very warm days, perfect for summer-uniform like shorts. No, I am just kidding. The weather is not so bad as everyone says.

True is, that the summer here is slightly shorter. But you have almost one hour more of day light.  I could already notice the difference, when I lived in Luxembourg. In the evening the darkness came about 40 minutes earlier. So everything has its pros and cons.

How to wear shorts in the city?

Today it is certainly a very beautiful warm day. Perfect to wear shorts.  When I am wearing them in the city, and not on the beach, on vacation or on any lake, I prefer to wear shorts with some more on top. There are so many nice variations to buy these days. I also love all kinds of jeans shorts.



Wearing shorts in the city I rather prefer to wear them with a nice  blouse or a top with short sleeves.  If I wear a short skirt or shorts,, I prefer to wear a bit more  on the top and the other way around. For example  a long skirt looks great with a strappy top.

White shorts by Diane von Furstenberg

I just love white shorts. Mine is by Diane Fürstenberg. It is a very light material, but solid, so it is perfect for the city. It has side pockets, none in the back. That is not necessary. They are cut perfectly.


Striped TOP Light Blue

Stripes are perfect for a super summer look. They give the whole outfit an extra freshness kick. Today, I do not wear blue- white stripes for change, but nude-light blue strpes. These color work perfect with white.


Mirrored Sunglasses Ray-Ban

Just a short time ago something new moved in – sunglasses from Ray-Ban. I love them a lot, because the glasses are not domed, but they are straight. That make them look even cooler and everyone can use them as a mirror.

So how do you prefer to wear your shorts? I am looking forward to your answers!

Short-weiß-Top-COS-22Short-weiß-Top-COS-07 Short-weiß-Top-COS-Instragram

Short-weiß-Top-COS-17Short-weiß-Top-COS-InstragramShort-weiß-Top-COS-09 Short-weiß-Top-COS-19 Short-weiß-Top-COS-15Short-weiß-Top-COS-13

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