One Outfit – Differents Shades Of Pink  – Does That Work?

YAAAS! Definitely – pretty in pink – at least shades of pink. What an awesome color for spring and summer. But not everything is in this color – my sneakers aren’t.

The Red Color Family – Awesome

This year I fell in love with the color family red. You might have noticed that already. Today I chose to wear different shades of pink. It is so funny that also colors have families, not only humans. But anyhow it’s a good way to describe the shades of colors.

Red and pink perfectly match, that is why I’m wearing a red belt with a bright pink sweater and light pink skinny jeans. Pink is such an awesome color to wear during spring and summer.

Love it – Casual  Looks!

Remember?  I have promised to show casual, everyday outfits as well. Outfits which are still fashionable, but easy to wear and style? Fashion should be easy going, not too complicated and just fun.

MET GALA  – Outfits

Have you seen the dresses at the MET Gala? It was all about getting the focus and being the person who gets the most attention. Maybe some fashionistas are telling me that I don’t have a clue what fashion is about, but having a chandelier on the head, or carrying his own head around is a very “interesting” way of dressing up. Of course, there were also some awesome dresses, which I would love to wear. But at the MET Gala, it’s probably most important to stick out.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to dress up! But I keep in mind that I have to climb the stairs all be myself.

Why am I telling you all that? What does that have to do with my outfit? Nothing, but while I am writing this article, I  saw the pictures of the MET Gala on TV. That’s why 🙂

Favorite Pieces – Oversized Jeans Jacket

My oversized jeans jacket luckily matches perfectly with my pink pants and the sweater. Pink and blue are a good match. My sneakers also come in light blue. I love it colorful, choosing not more than three colors at a time.

I also combined the jeans jacket in my last post with a red pencil skirt. Aswell with a maxi floral dress and last but not least to a monochrome blue weekend outfit. I am sure you have a favorite jacket in your closet too. Try something new with it.

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