It seems that red is becoming one of my favorite colors this year! At least one of them!


This year will be a year of colors. Besides red, there are so many beautiful clothes in beautiful colors, which is awesome. During winter colors are very often muted, shades of grey or blue.

Spring is on and with its color and especially red at least in my wardrobe!

Lieblingsfarbe rot

Lieblingsfarbe rot

Lieblingsfarbe rot

Lieblingsfarbe rot

People from Hamburg and their favorite “color”

You don’t know what I am talking about?

Probably if you have never been here or have lived here. Blue – the favorite color here!  You think I am kidding? Nope! I am not. People sometimes say: It can be any color if it is blue. But I am sure there are some places on this planet, where people are thinking the same way :).

Perception or Truth?

Ok, I probably owe you some more explanation.

In Hamburg, people love other colors if not blue – like grey, white, black and sand. Also during spring and summer. People who born here are a bit more reserved as people from the South of Germany. Prejudice mmmh  –  I believe that in any perception there is at least a tiny bit of truth.


Lieblingsfarbe rot

Lieblingsfarbe rot

And Why Do I Love Colors Like Red?

But why do I like colors like red? I am from Hamburg. Maybe because my mother is from the Middle of Germany or I have French and Swedish ancestors? Or because I have been living abroad for a long time? I don’t have a clue. I love red!

But Who Cares?

It is not imported why, it is just important what we like!

Lieblingsfarbe rot

Accessories in Pink and Nude

Also, I chose accessories in similar colors like pink and nude. That works perfectly. My sneakers are pink, the cross- body bag is more likely nude with the shade of pink.

Lieblingsfarbe rot

What Is Your Favorite Color?

Do you have a favorite color or do you love them all? Or not at all?

Please leave your comments!

XO Cordula


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