Do you need to fresh up for your home without buying new expensive furniture? Let me show you a simple and inexpensive way to do it! How? Poster walls! Surprise your guests with a poster wall.

Upgrade Your Rooms!

One poster our a bunch of them nicely decoration on the wall – this will make a huge change how your kitchen, living room or bedroom looks like.

You live in areas of the world where you change your outfits according to the season? Most of us do! We wear boots and a sweater in winter and in summer a nice white dress for example.

But what’s about your home? Of course, you don’t buy new furniture all the time. But do you tend to decorate your home according to seasons like X-mas or Easter? Am I right, my friend?

Why not redecorate the walls for change? It’s so much fun and your room will have a new atmosphere right away.

Poster Or Poster Wall

Refresh Your Walls!

Lately, I did some online shopping and discovered a new poster store, at least it was new to me. Just the right thing at the right moment. They have an awesome choice and also many ideas about how to create a poster wall.

Great  – I started to plan some changes for my living room and my kitchen. Also great – I got a 30 % discount for you! Use orangefashionblog30 at Poster Store on anything but the “selection collection and valid till June 23, 10 p.m. Berlin time!

A New Window For My Living Room

My living room has mostly muted colors like beige, grey and some soft pink. That’s why I got new posters in black and white as I like this combination of colors. It makes me relax.  I actually added a new window choosing “Window Lights Poster“. My second choice is a girl standing at the window “Girl in Paris Window“, which has the smallest size you can buy there and I just leaned it against the wall instead of hanging it up like the other one.

Of course, there are so many different ways to style posters depending on the colors and the style of your home.


California Feeling For Breakfast!

My kitchen needed a change as well, even though it does not leave me too much room for redecoration. Due to lots of useful thing like storage space for dishes, pots, and pans. But I found some room and took the other big picture down. I decided to put up on a small poster wall with California Beach Poster. YAS! California feeling right away in the morning! -I love that!.


If you want to create a feeling like this in your home there are many more possibilities and I love their inspirations like this one.

Have fun decorating and let me know your ideas and preferences! And don’t forget – you are getting a 30% discount (code:orangefashionblog30)  on anything but the “selection collection” if you order until June 23, 2019!


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