Maxi Dress – Perfect for Spring

Finally, Spring has arrived! Yes! I love to wear dresses. At first, I was not fond of the length of a maxi dress, but now I love it!

I am so sick and tired of wearing warm winter clothes. But that is over now! Still, in Hamburg, you have to do some layering as spring is not that warm. No problem with a maxi dress. It works super good.

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Maxikleid - maxi dress

By the way, it is already the second time I am wearing a floral dress this year.  Flower power on my blog!

There are so many awesome maxi dresses with flowers or without available at the moment. At-Peek  Cloppenburg. you have a great choice* (Disclaimer see below)  Just have a look here!! I am sure that you cannot wait to wear one of them.

Maxi Dress and Sneaker

Why do I love dresses? Because – just change the style of shoes and a dress looks completely different. Either elegant or casual. Today I am in a casual mood, that’s why I chose to wear light pink sneaker. Outfit completed! Yes? – Almost.

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Pink Cashmere Cardigan

As it is still a bit cold here it is always a good idea to wear a jacket or cardigan or both. My cozy pink cardigan is perfect with this maxi dress keeping me nice and warm.

If you are not that tall, I believe that layering can sometimes make you look a bit shorter, if you don’t put the focus on the waist. I am not that short, but 5,7″ is also not that tall.  For awesome of cozy cardigans have a look here.

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Maxikleid - maxi dress

Oversized Jeans Jacket

Last but not least – to complete the layering – I added an oversized jeans jacket with a cool print. Almost a Hippie 🙂 – almost…..

And of course, never leave the house with a bag. I chose a black bag back, to leave the focus on the maxi dress and the cardigan.

Maxikleid - maxi dress

What will be your favorite piece this spring?

Have you already picked your favorite piece? Don’t forget to look in your closet. You might have one already!

Girls, I love to hear from you. So please leave your comments!

XO Cordula





*”There are two independent companies Peek & Cloppenburg with the headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. This article is in cooperation with  Peek & Cloppenburg KG, Düsseldorf. You can find all the subsidiaries  on .”

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