Statement Shirts – 3 Styling IDEAS!

Statement Shirts – not only a cool trend! It’s also the easiest way to say what you think. And I am sure you will find your favorite shirt! There is such an incredibly great choice out there

Silk pants for summer!

One thing I like about summer looks – the mostly light material they are from, for example the silk pants I am wearing. They look great on one side and are comfortable on the other side! 

Silk Tunic Rachel Zoe & Strawhat!

A silk tunic is perfect for summer! This kind of tunic you can wear with almost everything. It works with office looks aswell as with shorts or vacation outfit. As silk is a light weight material it is also perfect for vacation, as it does not make your luggage heavy.

Black Straw Hat x Poncho

I know, this outfit is a summer outfit for colder summer days, but still you can wear it during summer time. I am living in the north of Germany, where we do not have so many very hot days. Therefore I call it a summer look!

Shorts & stripes!

Shorts  Perfect for the city

Believe it or not, but also in Hamburg we have nice and very warm days, perfect for summer-uniform like shorts. No, I am just kidding. The weather is not so bad as everyone says.