Basic Outfit – Maritime Style!

How to style a basic outfit with a maritime flair – easy and stylish at the same time.

Let me inspire you!

Vichy Check & Shirt – Snoopy Print

Vichy Check and Snoopy t-shirt – does that match? Yes – let me show you – they match perfectly!

Shades Of Pink – Go For IT!

One Outfit – Differents Shades Of Pink  – Does That Work?

YAAAS! Definitely – pretty in pink – at least shades of pink. What an awesome color for spring and summer. But not everything is in this color – my sneakers aren’t.

Pencil Skirt in Red – Look Amazing!

In love with red! Have you noticed? Probably, like today’s look is all about a red pencil skirt.

Maxi Dress, Boots & White Sweater

Yay, it’s spring and time for dresses.  Today my floral maxi dress version 2, in combination with summer boots and a white cotton sweater. Remember, I promised to show the pieces more often in different combination!

Black, White and Animal Print

Life is not always black and white, but some outfits are… at least almost! It matches perfectly with animal printed boots. Have a look!

Hoodie & Denim Jacket – Casual Weekend Outfit

Are you looking for a stylish, casual and easy going outfit for the weekend? Hoodie and denim jacket – one of my favorite pieces!

Anyway, I love casual outfits on the weekend.

Red – Favorite Color!

It seems that red is becoming one of my favorite colors this year! At least one of them!

Maxi Dress + Cashmere Cardigan

Maxi Dress – Perfect for Spring

Finally, Spring has arrived! Yes! I love to wear dresses. At first, I was not fond of the length of a maxi dress, but now I love it!

Spring Outfit – Red Jacket with Golden Buttons

Spring – Yes! Red Jacket with lots of Gold!

Ok- Winter – done! Finally! Spring is on and with it the color red! So in case, you are in love with this color you have a wide choice as so many clothes are in red. Also, there are so many different shades of red, not grey :).

Black Straw Hat x Poncho

I know, this outfit is a summer outfit for colder summer days, but still you can wear it during summer time. I am living in the north of Germany, where we do not have so many very hot days. Therefore I call it a summer look!