10 Ideas how to get a Killer Wardrobe this Year!

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

New Year – new resolutions! At least for me! What’s about you?  You too? Then just go on reading – you will be surprised!

1. Organize Your Wardrobe

That’s where everything starts in my opinion!

It is so much easier to find your beautiful pieces in a well-organized closet. Also sometimes it feels like home shopping when you start to reorganize your wardrobe. Suddenly you will find things you might have already forgotten about. And if you do not like something anymore, just give it away. Too many clothes you will never use are hiding the good ones.

One thing, which helps you get organized is sorting your clothes by season and colour!

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

2. Just Buy what Really Suits You

Sometimes it feels like there is every month or even every week a new trend coming up. But not every trend looks good on you or is that nice. If you love skinny jeans and you do not like wide legs pants, stick to skinny pants, which fit you. I am sure you are looking the best in clothes in which you feel comfortable.

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

3. Buy Classy Clothes and Good Quality

Ok, it might sound a bit boring, but it is going to pay back. Classy clothes can look so good, just choose a clever combination.

Classy pieces are so easy to style and if you run out of ideas, just change or use accessories. You can immediately create a new look.

Also good quality is paying you back. Some cheap clothes look quite strange having left the washing machine. Sometimes more expensive at first is less expensive at the end.

4.Plan your Outfits

Do you have an invitation to a big party or wedding this year? Plan the outfit beforehand. It is so much more relaxing to plan in advance knowing what you want to wear. And if you are missing something, there is lots of time left to go shopping.

You are not a morning person? Are you always in a hurry? Plan your outfit and I am sure that you will be able to sleep ten minutes longer.

5. Take Picture of Cool Combinations

Just take pictures of the outfits you love and save them in your cellphone. I love to wear different styles, so sometimes I forget what it was, So next time you do not have a clue what to wear, just look it up in your phone.

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

6. Inhouse Shopping – Old clothes – New Styling

Have you ever notice that trends are coming around faster and faster. So that is a great chance to keep “older” nice piece and just style them in a new way! So easy to create an individual look that way as nobody is running around in the same stuff.

Take all the styling ideas as an idea of what to wear not what to buy!

7. Go to a Tailor

I am sure you have also experienced that. You bought something and it looks nice, but…. it does not exactly fit as you thought it would. Easy to change and a lot less expensive than buying something similar. You will be surprised at what is possible. Just be sure to choose a good tailor!

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

8. Do not get “crazy” when Something is on Sale!

I believe that hits most women. The sale is on and you buy clothes which are surely nice, but you do not need at all. Am I right?

So just make a list what you want to buy, because a good deal is only a good deal if you need what you bought. I am sure everybody knows that, but a list helps to remind you of that.

9. Add beautiful Accessories

Last but not least – tune up your outfit use nice accessories. Invest in shoes, bags and jewellery. Change the accessories. Your look will change immediately and basic looks will become the right twist.

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank


10. Have Fun – Enjoy Fashion

The most import thing about fashion is in my opinion that you enjoy that. Right?

Try new styles, underline your personality, combine pieces in a new way.

Fashionvorsätze für einen Hammerkleiderschrank

Could I inspire you? Hopefully! I am sure you will have a killer wardrobe! Looking forward to your comments!

Stay tuned!



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