Girls, as promised – today I am showing you the third way, how to style a floral dress! There are so many ways how to style this dress!

And here we go!

I am pretty sure, there so many more ways how to style this floral dress giving it an entirely different touch.

But now let’s talk about this look here. It is starting to look like spring. We are getting there. Remember – I am living in the North of Germany! So that takes time!.

Long Cosy Cardigan

As it is still not that warm, I combined the dress with a long and cosy cardigan. In order to set the focus somewhere in this outfit,  I am wearing a waist belt. It is exactly the same as you can see in this outfit here.


Flowerdress - Acne Cardigan


Black hooded coat -nice!

Ok, girls, I need to be honest. A coat is still necessary! So I chose a black hooded coat and a black scarf to keep me warm.

Flowerdress - Acne Cardigan

Sand coloured boots to match

Finally, a touch of spring is coming along adding sand-coloured boots. Even though the heels are quite high, they are still very comfortable. I walk around quite a lot, so I need shoes to be comfortable as well.

Flowerdress - Acne Cardigan

And of course, bags should never be missing. Also here I chose a black one, which by the way I have also been wearing in the first style. Just have a look here.  I believe that beautiful accessories are so important. They tune up any simple and clean outfit. Or what do you think?

Flowerdress - Acne Cardigan


Flowerdress - Acne Cardigan

So, girls! Have a look in your closet and check what else is possible! There are so many ways to style one dress or a blouse. Here and here you find two the other ways of styling this dress.

Love to hear from you telling me your ideas!

Stay tuned!

XO Cordula

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