Dress or shirt? A dress can be both! Definitely – so let me show you!

Dress or Blouse – That’s the question?

Have you ever tried to wear your favourite spring dress as a blouse or shirt!? Give it a try and let me show you how I did it.

Last week I showed you how I sometimes wear my favourite spring dress -with warm winter boots and a cosy pink scarf.

Blumenkleid, Maxicoat camel

This week – I am pretending it is a blouse.  A dress can be so much more than just being a dress! The shape and colours of the dress interplay super awesome with the fabric of the pants. I chose slim leather pants, but also slim black jeans a great match.

Big Belt -Small Waist

If you are not that tall, it is sometimes nice to add a belt, which gives a taller appearance. Anyway,  I love to draw attention to the waist!

Blumenkleid, Maxicoat camel

Camel and Black

Dream team camel and black!  This combination has been fashionable forever! It is such a stylish and classy mix.  So if you find anything you like on sale, a  camel coat, dress or pants, I recommend buying! Fashion forecast – this combination will stay!

A camel maxi coat and camel boots are completing the look.  When maxi coats showed up, I wasn’t really Actually, in the beginning, I did not like longer coats that much. But now I love them. They are so stylish!

Blumenkleid, Maxicoat camel

Blumenkleid, Maxicoat camel

Sustainability in the closet – it works!

Everybody is speaking and writing about it. So many articles, so many discussions. People also often write about “fast fashion”. And fashion has really become fast!. How often are you wearing a nice sweater? just a couple of times or even only once.

At the same time, the fashion industry spins around the trends faster and faster. So sometimes you will have the same trend after two years, whereas years ago it took at least 10 years for the same trend to show up.

I do not mean that we should not be trendy, or go shopping! I only want to inspire you to try more combinations with the clothes you already have. It so much fun and save some money! So enjoy it and if you ever have any questions, please ask me. I would love to help you with it.


Blumenkleid, Maxicoat camel


By the way: Next week I will show you a third way to wear this dress!

So stay tuned!


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