To be happy – I suppose that is what most people are looking for, right? Here are some of my thoughts!

Happiness –  Goal or State of Mind?

These days I have sometimes the impression that happiness has become a goal. But can it be a goal or is it a state of mind? Or neither of it?

So many people talk and write about how to be happy, how to stay happy and even more about how to become happy! Bookstores are filled with literature about happiness.

Glücklich sein / Happiness a state of mind

I suppose that there is no one way to feel joy. Why should there be a clear definition? To be happy is probably so very personal and there is no “one way to be happy” and feel joy.

Views of Happiness

Is there a connection between being able to buy something, which we would love to have and joy? Maybe, but maybe not? Isn’t it sometimes that we are looking forward to getting something, but at the moment we have bought it, happiness will stay for a little while and then disappear?

Being Happy – a Choice?

Can one choose to be happy? There are so many different ways to look at things. Anything has a positive or negative side. So why couldn’t joy or being happy be a choice? Or happiness is a journey – choose happiness and it will come to you – it is a choice?!

An absence of Desire?

Another way of becoming happy or feeling joy could be the absence of always wanting something and enjoying what you have. Being grateful and observing your life.

Glücklich sein / Happiness a state of mind

Stop comparing yourself

Focusing on your own life and what you already achieved and your goals are surely helpful to feel joy. Do not look around too much. Stop comparing yourself! Concentrate on your own goals, on what you feel is best for you!

Glücklich sein / Happiness a state of mind

Treat yourself well!

Do you sometimes beat yourself up, if something went wrong? Do you talk to yourself in a negative way? I believe that is not helpful. If something goes wrong, try to look for a solution, but stop talking to you in a bad way.

Talking to myself in a positive way has helped me to find solutions a lot easier, which made me feel happier!

Glücklich sein / Happiness a state of mind

What do you think?

So those are my thoughts in short of being or becoming happy or feeling joy.

What does happiness or joy mean to you? What are your thought about it! I would love to hear what you think!



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