Life is not always black and white, but some outfits are… at least almost! It matches perfectly with animal printed boots. Have a look!

Colorful Easter Holidays

During Easter, all the decoration is so colorful. Eggs in any color you can imagine. So why not dress in black and white?

Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Are You Still Looking For Easter Eggs?

Do you? Or do you believe you are too old for that? Then let me tell you a story!

My younger brother, who is of course grown up now :), has always insisted to look for Easter eggs all his life. When we both were little, of course, we both had fun looking for the Easter eggs. But when I got older, and I am only talking about me, not my brother, I did not want to continue looking for eggs anymore. I really felt embarrassed, but my brother did not want to stop that tradition. So I held on this tradition too. He turned 20 and 25 and still loved that. So… as I did not want to spoil the “party” I joined him every Eastern.

And I am glad I did. Even though I felt a bit stupid a couple of years, I think it is funny. Also because we are now competing with “real kids” who find the most Easter eggs.


Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Black, White, and Animal Print

Ok, now I jump back to my outfit. I am wearing a black jacket with a belt with my white, skinny jeans. That jacket is made of a flowing fabric, which is also nice to wear when the temperature goes up. Underneath I chose to wear a simple black tank top.


Schwarz-Weiss Animal Print

Boots with Animal Print

Sometimes black and white looks to clean, so I chose to wear my boots with animal print.


That is also why I decided to wear an eye-catching necklace. I prefer to put the focus on one pieces of an outfit no matter if it is colorful or black and white lie this one.


Easter 2019, Ostern 2019

The bunny is saying: Happy Easter? – No way, without me! Be your own bunny this year!

Do you have a tradition on Easter?

I am sure that we are not the only family on the planet who is having a long-time tradition. So tell me about yours!

I wish you a pleasant Easter Holiday and just ignore what the bunny is saying. 🙂

XO Cordula

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