I know, this outfit is a summer outfit for colder summer days, but still you can wear it during summer time. I am living in the north of Germany, where we do not have so many very hot days. Therefore I call it a summer look!

Anyway, if you should  live in warmer areas, just wear this outfit during spring, which is also why you find it in two categories: spring and summer.


Highlight – Wear a Black Straw Hat

My black straw hat is from ZARA just and just moved into my closet a few days ago. Sure, I have already many straw hats , but a black one was missing…. Therefore I had to buy this one! As I like to use new things immediatly,  I also wore it directly, when I left the store! Sometimes I do that, as I  cannot wait to put new pieces on.  Eventhough the poncho is a very special, the black hat is an additional eye-catcher.

Strohhut-und-Poncho-11Strohhut Zara Poncho Closed by Orange Fashion Blog

Poncho  Summer

Definetly this poncho is one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I did not buy it this season, but at the end of the post, I have an alternative for you. Just follow the link.

Wear a Black Business Blouse

My black business blouse is  from BOSS. I love to wear shirts and tops from this company and actually I have quite a lot of tops this brand. They are so easy to wear and work with most everything. Of course they are perfect for office looks, but even with ripped jeans, they look good. As I sometimes have to wear a classic business outfit at work, pieces like this are perfect for me.

Skinny Pants und DIYS Vintage Belt

The light blue skinny jeans is form 7 For all Mankind and with a regular waist. The black belt is a vintage one. I sorry, but I do not know the brand anymore. As originally this belt did not have a belt buckle, I had to separatly buy a buckle, asking some shoemakers to fix it on this belt. Very often I buy someting and make changes after a while, because I get bored of the way it is. Try that – it is fun and sometimes better than selling everything immediatly.



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straw hat  Zara here

poncho Closed alternative

blouse Boss here

jeans 7 For all Mankind here

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bag Vanessa Bruno alternative

sunglasses Ray-Ban here


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