Orange Fashion Blog – all about Fashion, Fitness and Healthy Nutrition.

You will not just find fashion ideas. As I love fitness and healthy nutrition, I will keep you updated on these things, hoping to inspire and get you fired up.

About Orange Fashion Blog

About Orange Fashion Blog

Who am I?

My name is Cordula, my hometown Hamburg, which is in the North of Germany. I also spent some time in countries like the US, Switzerland and Luxembourg. So I enjoy getting in touch with everybody around the world!

Where does the name come from?

Orange is my favorite color since I can think of. It is a happy color and I am a positive thinking person. So I figured it should be part of the blog name. My logo includes high-heels – why – guess what-  I am crazy about shoes!

Cooperation / Press


Please send press and cooperation request to my email.

I love to hear from you and enjoy to cooperate with you!

General items

My posts might include affiliate links.

My opinions and my ideas are mine and not buyable.

*  Sponsored, commercial add,  cooperation with brands.


Have fun reading, leave comments and stay tuned!


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