Stay fresh during the summer season! My 6 beauty favorites will also let you shine!

Keep Cool – Body Lotion And Body Spray!

Nothing better than the fragrance of an awesome body lotion in the morning after having taken a shower!

One of my beauty favorites for summer is definitely the body lotion “Lait Corporel Anti-Dessèchant”* made by Biotherm. The body lotion comes with a matching fresh fragrance“L’Eau by Lait Corporel Eau de Toilette”*.  Those two and a good cup of coffee and I am ready to go.

By the way, you can easily get all the products online at the perfume store Douglas *.

The body lotion can be used for any skin type. Body lotion and spray have a light and fresh scent. They are a perfect team to get you moving in the morning.

Let’s shine!

Are you looking for some glow? Even though in summer my complexion is brighter and smoother anyway, I still love to use some blush. My favorite make-up palette is “Cheekleaders Bronze Squad  *, which is from Benefit Cosmetic. There is everything to make you glow and look awesome.

It contains five blushes and a highlighter as well as a make up brush.

Eyes wide open!

One thing I always use is mascara. Though in summer, when the hot season is starting it is even more important that it doesn’t blur.

The mascara I love is “Bad Goal”, from Benefit Cosmetic. It has everything you need. It doesn’t blur and makes the lashes look incredibly thick, and perfectly defined giving them a  sensational volume.

Don’t Forget To Frame Your Face!

The perfect brow! In summer even more important as we use less make-up. Brows frame the face and make you look awake and fresh right away.

I use two products KA-Brow” and a pen called “Precisely”. Even if the temperature is high nothing blurs and my brows look great!

What are your beauty favorites for this summer?

Please let me know and leave your comments! I’m looking to hear from you!

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*Promotion - Collaboration with Douglas Online Shop, eventhough I bought the products using them regularly.

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